Double-amputee Marine vet makes history with remarkable achievement by Steve Hartman

    In a recent CBS special interest story Steve Hartman introduces viewers to Matias Ferreira, a marine veteran who recently graduated from the Suffolk County Police Department.  What makes this story special is that Matias is a double-amputee.  Matias lost both legs from the knee down while serving in the Afghanistan.

    The sequence begins with an establishing shot of the Suffolk County Police Academy graduation, depicting the stands full of family and friends supporting their loved ones and the pipe band marching through the aisles. The next shot is an over the shoulder shot of Steve Hartman interviewing Matias.   This is followed by a short photo story of Matias actually serving in Afghanistan. Matias and Hartman then discuss how Matias would apply for training in the police force as a double amputee. The answer to this is the same as everyone else, Matias applied like any other able bodied person.  The way this story was sequenced enhanced cohesion and created a seamless progression compressing time while at the same time vividly telling the story to the viewer. CBS cleverly edited the film with a short photo story adding visuals and variables as opposed to s basic interview.  With regards to sound, the background noise on location was helpful during the narration because it brings the picture to life.  An example is when the pipe band marches or when Matias actually hit the floor in hand to hand combat training.

    The story then ends back at the graduation, a close up of Matias’ proud wife and daughter who he then greets with a hug. The careful planning of sequence and sound makes for quite a successful story.