The day starts at 7:30am and Jane begins her security job at a private school.  It is her first school security job and she explains that she was nervous in September because she remembered being a kid herself.  She explained, “I used to run away from security guards and now I am one.”  After she started at this school she was relieved because it was small with only 220 students and the kids are all terrific.  After eight months, she is in the routine of the morning and afternoon with bus arrival and dismissal.  The cold is the real problem and at times, it is a bit boring during the day.IMG_2011[1]

Getting ready for the morning.  Everyone needs to sign in and out each day.



The day begins with a greeting.  Jane has to be there since the doors are always locked.  School safety is the most important thing since there are been many tragedies.


The day is cold but Jane needs to put out the cones and wait for buses to arrive in the early morning.


Directing traffic is not always easy when parents want to go in front of the buses.


Thirty minutes in the cold and it is time to collect the cones and bring it in until dismissal.

“Today was freezing and I forgot my gloves.  These days are hard.”




Cones are stacked up and returned to the building.  Then, it is off to the closet.



Time to warm up a bit even though her jacket and hat never come off the entire day.


Once buses are gone it is sitting time all day until 2:30 when buses begin to arrive again.  Jane brings her lunch daily since she can never leave the desk.  Jane stated that even though it can be boring everyone is so very nice at the school which makes coming to work great.  Jane begins at 7a.m. and stays until 6pm daily.  It is a long day.